I called Mr. Ghulam at very early hours in the morning because one of my family member made false accusations against my best friend. I knew the allegations were absolutely false but unfortunately I couldn’t do anything. Mr. Ghulam picked up my phone and assured me straight away that he will look into what has happened. He updated me regularly. Although I was really stressed but his assurances kept me calm. A month later, we got a call again from the police that now my family member has said something else and my friend needs to go to police station again. I was embarrassed that my family was abusing the system just to fulfil their personal agenda. We called Mr. Ghulam straight away and told him that we would want him to assist us and represent my friend on the date of police interview. Mr. Ghulam was on our case straight away. He called us, asked questions, gave answers to our questions and helped us with the relevant information. He went with my friend to the interview. I cannot thank Mr. Ghulam enough for if not because of him, my friend would have suffered anxiety attack. He suffers from anxiety. Mr. Ghulam not only made sure that police do not harass my friend but he also made sure that police see the exact situation as to what it is. He explained everything precisely to the police and my friend. My friend came back and said that if Mr. Ghulam was not present, he would have cried. He said Mr. Ghulam not only gave him mental strength to answer questions but also did not let police delve into irrelevant accusations. Hopefully the matter will not go any further but if it does, I will not think twice before contacting Mr. Ghulam. Mr. Ghulam is very attentive, very polite and very good in what he does. The day police came to arrest my friend, one of the officer was very rude and was behaving badly. It felt like he had already decided that the accusations were true. But Mr. Ghulam never made us feel bad. In fact he has been respectful since beginning which matters a lot. I can definitely say that Mr. Ghulam have saved an innocent man who is although in his late 30s but has an innocence of a five year old. I am sure my friend would have not been able to handle the pressure if Mr. Ghulam had not helped him.
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